Keeping Your Business Afloat

Keeping Your Business Afloat

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Using A Private Branch Exchange System

Joy Armstrong

If you are a business that handles a lot of customer calls, there is a good chance that you have started looking into a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. This is a telephone system that is internal to a company that helps companies streamline operations. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to help determine if a PBX system is right for you.

1. Do you need to put customers on hold regularly?

If you regularly need to put customers on hold due to the fact that part of your customer service involves talking to other parts of your company or looking something up, then you should absolutely consider a PBX system. The reason for this is that it is easy for companies to choose music and create messages that will let the person who is on hold know that his or her line is still connected to your company and update him or her on the hold situation, such as how long that person will have to wait. This is helpful because it keeps customers who need help from hanging up and being too frustrated to call back. It can be harder to set this up with a regular phone system.

2. Do you have lots of different branches within your company that a customer might need to talk to?

If you have a large set of branches that a customer might need to talk to, then you also might want to consider a PBX system. The reason for this is that it allows you to only have a single number that a customer needs to call. From there, you can ascertain the customer's particular needs and streamline the connection between the customer and the branch of your company that will be most helpful to him or her. This can greatly improve customer satisfaction. PBX systems also allow for easier connection to different employees because each employee will be given a unique extension. This way, the customer can be given the extension should he or she need to call back so that he or she can talk to someone that can help immediately.

3. Are you trying to get more accurate records about your calls?

If you are trying to get more accurate records about your calls, PBX systems can also help with that by being able to tell you who a customer spoke to and for how long, as well as how long he or she was on hold. This will help you make improvements to your personal system for handling calls.

For more information, talk to a PBX technology vendor who will be able to help you find a system that is right for your company.


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